About Us

In today’s world, life has never been more uncertain. Extenuating circumstances often leave us feeling bereft of the assurances we’ve come to depend on, and we must learn to adapt and predict results more quickly than ever before.

Prediction is a critical skill in all facets of life. When faced with uncertainties, decision-making relies heavily on our ability to accurately evaluate outcomes, as the results will determine who we become and whether or not we are successful in our endeavors. It is a skill that takes time to cultivate, but if nurtured, can result in life-altering opportunities that open a world of fulfillment.


Our goal is to enlighten every individual that predicting is a skill, and not brought by mere luck -- to promote its significance in high-frequency decision making, and to help you master the art and science of predicting through training tools and predicting systems. With the right mindset and proper training, gaining financial freedom is now possible and within reach!

Sean Lin


Sean Lin, a book author, serial entrepreneur and a super predictor. 

He is an active stock trader for the last 25 years and achieves an average annual return of investment at 25%, beats the market by a long shot. He has traded over 10,000 times, and in no way the performance was based on luck. It takes him time to develop his predicting skills and systems and he is still working relentlessly on improvement.

Sean believes that the skill of predicting is one of the most underrated skills in human ability. It has a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives. For Sean Lin, it allows him to achieve his financial freedom. 

Sean believes if he can do it, you can do it too. He is very passionate and committed in creating a system and platform to promote predicting as an essential life-skill and help other people to reach their financial freedom.